Monday, July 29, 2013

Graduation Day

        A lot of things have happened lately that I never in a million years expected to happen. So many things have changed and I'm not sure how to handle it all. My aunt thought writing about it might help so here I am, I really hope it works. This is my first time writing a blog ever, I'm not much of a writer but I'll try my best.
      One of the best works I've ever written was a poem called Silence I used for the prologue in a book I'm  writing. I didn't know at the time how how well it would relate to me. I moved out of my parent's house two months ago, on the day of my graduation. Sounds horrible, right? Well let me tell you it was much, much worse. The day started off badly and ended with me in tears, my parents and oldest brother hating me, and my younger brothers scared and confused. Not only that but my parents found my notebook with my passwords to... well pretty much everything and changed them. So I had no Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail, or anything; and to top it all off, they disconnected my phone that very day.
Now I know you're probably wondering "Why the hell do we care?" and you're right, you don't care and will probably just close the tab and never come back, but if you stay you'll find out why I did what I did when I did it. Not that that's much of an incentive to stay but whatever, it's the best I got. As I said the day had started off pretty badly; my cousin was supposed to come over in the morning to do my hair but had car trouble so couldn't make it. I had to do it myself and let me tell you the only thing I'm worse at than doing my hair is dancing and maybe driving but we'll get to that later. After I finished my hair I started on my make up but didn't have the time for anything fancy. When I was done I left with my dad to get to the ceremony early. About halfway there I realized I did't have my wristband to get in, so I called my brother and asked if he could bring it for me; he did, didn't need it after all, freaked  for nothing. Then I get to where the ceremony is being held and realize that, scatterbrain that I am, I forgot my culinary cord ,which I'd worked hard for. As if that weren't bad enough, after the ceremony we all went out to breakfast; my aunt, uncle, and their three kids, my parents and three little brothers, and my brother's friend.
We were having a great time and even had plans to go to my aunt's place for a swim. Then my cousin mentioned taking me to the movies to watch Now You See Me, a movie I really wanted to see and was supposed to watch a week before with my friends. My mother, being who she is, naturally said no. After my cousin tried to convince her she said no because we had plans after breakfast, even though she'd already told everyone that we had nothing planned.
So after that swimming was out and the day went to hell in a hand basket. Everyone grouped up and I was in my sad little corner talking on the phone with another one of my uncles, my mother's brother, that couldn't make it to my graduation because he'd gone to the beach with his family. Then I come to find out that he'd asked my mother, multiple times, if I could visit for a couple days so I could spent time with family and of course she said no. What else would she say? Yes? Hell would freeze over before that happened. Remember  this was the first I'd heard about any of this and I was really upset. He's  one of my favorite uncles, I grew up around him, and I love my cousins and his wife. I get along great with them and so does my family, at least I thought they did. Doesn't really matter know, my dad hates my uncle for supporting me in my decision. At the rate he's going he's going to isolate them from everyone.
       But I'm getting ahead of myself. After breakfast my aunt convinced my mother to let us go swimming. I went in my aunt's car with her and her two oldest kids; my oldest brother and his friend went with my mother; my middle brother went with my uncle and his youngest son; my baby brother, who I miss dearly, went with my dad. The dads left first which just left the moms. My mother was going to follow my aunt because she didn't know the area and gets lost easily. We left first and my mother left behind us. We were at the second stop light right down the street from where we had breakfast when I get a call from my brother. I pick up and he starts yelling at me saying why didn't we wait for them and all sorts of other things. Now I was already upset about not going to the movies and what I'd found out from my uncle, so this just pushed me over the edge. I snapped and started crying in the back seat of my aunt's car. She could hear my brother screaming at me and told my cousin, her oldest son, to take the phone from me and talk to my brother. He was talking to him when the call dropped. My brother called back and then proceeded to yell at him for hanging up when he knows our phone service isn't the best. After they hung up my cousin sent their address to my brother and we drove home. When we got there my aunt and both of my cousins said he had no right to talk to me like that, as if I were inferior to him. It wasn't the first time he'd done it and they knew that.
       They'd seen how I was treated at home and had offered to let me live with them many times before, I always said I'd consider it. Which was pretty much any time I'd get upset with the way I was treated compared to how the boys were treated. This time when they offered I accepted. My aunt waited with me in her room until my mother got there. When she did... she was angry because she thought we'd left her behind and hung up on purpose. She came into the room and told me it was time to go. I said no. She thought I was just upset because I wanted to  go swimming. Shows how little she knows me. When she realized I was serious about not leaving she tried dragging me out. When that didn't work she had my brother come in to drag me out. When that didn't work, she called my dad. He yelled at me then threatened to beat me when I got home. Because that was going to make me go home right? Anyway, my other cousin called the police to keep the peace after my brother tried to start a fight with  her brother. When they arrived they told my parents that I could legally leave and they couldn't do anything about it. After about another hour of arguing my parents left with these parting words, " You just gained yourself another daughter."
       They were back not long after trying to press charges against my cousin for "physically assaulting" my brother when they knew that wasn't what had happened.The officer told them to leave and cool down, shortly after they left. A couple of days later I tried to get my stuff back and they refused to even open the door. I haven't spoken to any of them since.